FURY MEGA Brushed 2.4GHz RTR

You’ll like it when it’s angry!

ARRMA engineers have added over two dozen improvements to their 1/10 scale 2WDs to make them stronger, faster, tougher and better looking than ever before! The FURY is available as a brushed MEGA with 15T MEGA motor and waterproof MEGA ESC.
Length: 21.3 in (540 mm), Height: 7.9 in (200 mm), Width: 11.6 in (295 mm), Weight: 68.7oz (1.95 kg) without battery, Requires: AA batteries (4) for transmitter
  • 15T MEGA Motor
  • Rear wheel drive with steel driveshafts and axles
  • Waterproof LiPo-compatible MEGA 40A ESC
  • ATX-100 3-channel 2.4GHz transmitter
  • 7.2V NiMH battery & AC charger
  • Battery box ready for hard-case LiPo packs
  • Rigid composite chassis with battery door
  • Molded steering & camber links
  • Composite gear transmission
  • Waterproof radio box seal
  • Metal internal-gear differential
  • Waterproof ADS-5 Steering Servo
  • Bellcrank steering
  • Innovative dBoots off-road tires
  • Industry-leading 2-year warranty protection!

FURY MEGA Brushed 2.4GHz RTR - Motor and ESC
The ARRMA MEGA waterproof 35A ESC, combined with the 15T MEGA Brushed Motor, provide smooth and consistent power control in all conditions.
FURY MEGA Brushed 2.4GHz RTR - Radio
The ATX-100 Transmitter and ARX-100 Receiver will provide fast and consistent control. Adjustable steering and throttle trim allow you to tune your experience to suit your needs.
FURY MEGA Brushed 2.4GHz RTR - Servo
The ADS-5 Steering Servo with waterproof case will provide fast and consistent steering response on the most demanding surfaces.
FURY MEGA Brushed 2.4GHz RTR - Tires
High-traction multi-surface dBoots Tires and Foam Inserts are teamed with super-tough black nylon wheels for awesome handling and aggressive performance looks.
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