DLE Engines DLE-20cc Gas Engine

Glow size – gasoline economy and ease! Available for an affordable Tower Hobbies price.

Glow power isn't the only option anymore. The DLE-20 Gasoline Engine not only fills the displacement gap, but includes a beam mount to make the glow-to-gasoline upgrade fast and easy. A rear pumper carb simplifies installation and adjustment. A generous package of "extras" and electronic ignition for starting ease make the DLE-20 an attractive alternative to glow…at an affordable Tower Hobbies price.
Displacement: 20.5 cc (1.22 cu in) **, Bore: 1.3 in (32 mm), Stroke: 1.0 in (25 mm), Weight: 28.9 oz (820 g), Idle Speed: 1,750 rmp, Output: 2.5 hp @ 9,000 rpm, Requirements: Unleaded gasoline with a minimum 87 octane rating, 2-cycle oil. Mix ratio for this engine is 30 parts gasoline to one part oil. Mix must be exact for warranty consideration and optimum performance, 4.8 – 6V NiCd/NiMH, 7.4V LiPo or 6.6V LiFe battery for ignition (separate receiver pack can be used). LiPo or LiFe use requires voltage regulator, Propeller and field equipment
  • Two sealed bearings on crankshaft-simple design for lighter weight.
  • Beam mounting allows easy fit in the same mount as comparable glow engines.
  • Aluminum alloy crankcase with advanced CNC machining.
  • Rear mounted pumped carburetor ensures easier installation and smooth idling and dependable fuel flow during flights.
  • Fully automatic electronic ignition.
  • Also includes: spark plug, gasket, bolts, throttle arm extension and manual.
  • Two-year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of purchase.
  • *DLE Engines sold by Tower Hobbies, come with a 2 year limited warranty. Service is provided by Hobby Services in Champaign, IL.
DLE Engines DLE-20cc Gas Engine - ignition
Electronic ignition is the no-hassle answer to simpler starts and higher performance.
DLE Engines DLE-20cc Gas Engine - Parts
The DLE-20 package includes a muffler, spark plug, gasket, bolts, throttle arm extension & manual.