Duratrax Camber Gauge

Keeps your wheels "grounded".

Speed and simplify set-up with the Duratrax Camber Gauge! It measures starting camber, as well as helps set up your desired camber. Device quickly, accurately reads camber between +/- 10° with 1° accuracy. A thumb wheel locks the pivoting arm in place, and holds your setting until it's released. Ideal for vehicles of all sizes and scales!
Typical off-road truck and buggy settings: Front: 1-3° negative, Rear: 0-1° negative Note: negative camber prevents the outside edge of the tire from rolling under during cornering. However, too much negative camber will cause loss of traction under straight-line acceleration. Requirements: Adjusting gauge to desired setting, and then placing the gauge against the wheel or tire and adjusting camber linkages until the wheel is aligned with the gauge at the top and bottom.
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