Duratrax 12-Tip Multi Driver

Handy tools for every RC application

Six bars with 12 handy hex, Phillips, and flat head tips of various sizes fit into the handle of this handy tool. Select one with the handy rotary end cap, insert it into the handle and select your shaft length and you’re ready to tighten or loosen any screw! All six shafts store in the handle. Handle made from anodized aluminum with hardened steel bits.
Hardened steel bits in the following sizes: 1.5 mm slotted, 2.5 mm slotted, 00 Phillips, 0 Phillips, .050” hex, 1/16”hex, 5/64” hex, 3/32” hex, 1.5 mm hex, 2.0 mm hex, 2.5 mm hex, 3.0 mm hex
  • Aluminum Handle
  • Ideal for cars, trucks and mini helis
  • Most common hex sizes
  • Stores six shafts with tips on each end
  • Rotating end cap
  • Adjustable shaft length
  • Hex shaped handle

Duratrax 12-Tip Multi Driver - Storage
The end cap rotates to safely store or remove all six two-sided driver shafts.
Duratrax 12-Tip Multi Driver - Extend
When selecting your bit type, you can also decide to leave the shaft of extended for extra reach or retracted for extra torque.
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