Flyzone Calypso EP Tx-R

Calypso EP Tx-R

Cruise on air!

Smooth and forgiving, the Calypso Tx-R excels as a first electric sailplane. Experienced glider pilots may elect to use the optional flaps for more advanced thermal chasing. Made of AeroCell foam, the model includes an integrated landing wheel plus nose and tail skid plates. You'll need nothing but a screwdriver for fast final assembly!

  • Powerful motor and ESC.
  • AnyLink-compatible 2.4GHz SLT receiver.
  • Servos.
  • LiPo flight battery and charger.

Also available in this version:
Flyzone Ready-To-Fly Receiver-Ready
Wingspan: 14.3 in (363 mm) Length: 11.3 in (287 mm) Weight: 1.3 oz (37 g) Requires: AnyLink and compatible 3+ channel transmitter