Flyzone™ Tidewater™ Brushless Tx-R™

Command a Transmitter-Ready™ seaplane!

Make the Tidewater your first — or next — float plane! Fast to assemble without using glue, it boosts your confidence with predictable flight characteristics and smooth water handling. The brushless power system provides plenty of muscle for easy takeoffs and exciting sport aerobatics. Opt for the Tx-R version, and you can use your own favorite transmitter, battery and charger!
Wingspan: 41.5 in (1055 mm), Weight: 30-32 oz (850-905 g), Length: 36 in (915 mm) Requirements: AnyLink™ and compatible 4-channel transmitter, or 4-channel transmitter with SLT™, 11.1V 2100-2200mAh LiPo battery, LiPo-compatible charger
  • Powerful brushless motor and ESC.
  • SLT receiver compatible with AnyLink.
  • 4 Preinstalled micro servos.

Secure Link TechnologyConfidence. Thousands of modelers have gained it by using Tactic SLT radio equipment – and so will you. Introduced in 2007 and proven reliable, SLT eliminates virtually any possibility of interference. An SLT transmitter encodes its signal, then sends it using true frequency-hopping technology. Only the companion SLT receiver, linked by the push of a button, can capture the signal, decode its commands and relay them to your model. You need to have confidence in your radio – and with SLT, you do.

Flyzone™ Tidewater™ Brushless Tx-R™ - Battery Hatch
A brushless/LiPo power system provides plenty of muscle for easy takeoffs — even from short grass or snow — and exciting sport aerobatics. This magnetic hatch allows easy access to the battery for quick changes.
Flyzone™ Tidewater™ Brushless Tx-R™ - size relevance
Spanning less than 3-1/2 feet, the Tidewater fits fully assembled into virtually any car. If necessary, main sections can quickly be taken apart and reassembled at the flying site.
Flyzone™ Tidewater™ Brushless Tx-R™ - Wing tip floats
Wing tip floats are designed for superior water handling and install quickly without requiring any tools or screws.
Flyzone™ Tidewater™ Brushless Tx-R™ - Easy Assembly
The Tidewater’s durable, factory-built AeroCell airframe screws together for fast, easy assembly without gluing.
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