Hadron Vectored Thrust Flying Wing Tx-R

Mobility taken to the maximum

Nearly all the flying surfaces of flying wings are horizontal by design, leaving them with limited yaw authority. The Flyzone Hadron overcomes this obstacle, stretching the flight envelope to include knife-edge spins and extreme aerobatics. How? Credit goes to the large fin, plus a thrust vectoring unit that allows an experienced pilot to tilt the motor and redirect the thrust — giving the Hadron greater maneuvering potential in addition to exciting speed!

Tx-R: the more flexible way to fly!
What can Tx-R aircraft offer you? Answer: the ability to fly one Tx-R airplane — and every other Tx-R airplane made — with a single flight transmitter. If you're a newcomer, that means that your choices are virtually unlimited. Best of all, you get a model that includes virtually everything needed to fly (except an SLT transmitter). Tx-R: fast, easy, convenient!
Since the Hadron VT Flying Wing is an extremely fast, high-speed aerobatic model that can travel great distances very quickly, we do not recommend using it with the Tactic AnyLink Radio Adapter.

  • 2200kV brushless motor
  • 40A brushless ESC
  • 3 mini servos, 1 high-torque mini servo
  • Tactic TR624 6-channel 2.4GHz SLT receiver
  • ElectriFly 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo battery
  • ElectriFly DC LiPo balancing charger
  • 2 propellers (for 11.1V and 14.8V configurations)

This airplane is also available in this version:
Flyzone Transmitter_Ready

Wingspan: 33.5 in (850 mm), Length: 33.5 in (850 mm), Weight: 29.6 oz (840 g), Requires: 6-channel SLT computer transmitter WARNING: The Hadron requires advanced flying skills and is not suitable for beginning or intermediate pilots. It can reach high speeds and should only be flown at an approved AMA flying site. Because it can quickly disappear from sight, pilots should remain focused on the plane at all times.