Flyzone Select Scale F4U Corsair Tx-R

Outmaneuver the enemy!

Flyzone makes it easy to fly the famous bent-wing fighter — AND includes exciting features, such as navigation lights and retracts, that most other Corsair models require as extras. Use your favorite transmitter with AnyLink to pilot the Tx-R. At a park or local club site, all eyes will be on you flying the Select Scale Corsair!
Wingspan: 48.5 in (1230 mm) Weight: 48 oz (1360 g) Length: 38.5 in (980 mm) Wing Area: 426 in² (27.5 dm²) Wing Loading: 16 oz/ft² (49 g/dm²) Requires: AnyLink and compatible 5-channel transmitter, or a 6-channel Tactic 2.4GHz transmitter with SLT; 11.1V 2100mAh LiPo battery and compatible charger
  • Rotating retractable landing gear
  • Navigation lighting system
  • Powerful brushless motor and ESC
  • SLT receiver compatible with AnyLink
Flyzone Select Scale F4U Corsair Tx-R  - Hatch
A hatch on the top of the fuselage provides easy access to the battery compartment.
Flyzone Select Scale F4U Corsair Tx-R  - Retracts
No need to buy and install retractable gear — Flyzone already includes rotating main retracts with functioning doors.
Flyzone Select Scale F4U Corsair Tx-R  - LEDs
Bright LED navigation lights offer exciting realism by day and added visibility at dusk.
Flyzone Select Scale F4U Corsair Tx-R  - Details
WWII’s “Whistling Death” comes to life in phenomenal Select Scale detail — complete with lighting system, pilot figure, factory-painted trim, molded-in panel lines, replica radial engine and spinner hub.
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