Great Planes® Extra 300S Kit

Extra 300S Kit

Always delivering that little extra

The Extra 300S is a sleek, low-wing aerobat that is as easy and fun to build as it is to fly. This kit comes with a fully symmetrical wing with die-cut ribs. Includes an ABS cowl and wheel pants for perfect scale appearance and aluminum landing gear for durability. Its time you make something you can be proud of and this airplane is exactly that.
  • Constructed of balsa and plywood—entire fuselage consists of interlocking die-cut parts
  • Fully-symmetrical wing with die-cut ribs with jig tabs for easy and accurate dihedral and taper build
  • Large radio compartment with quick access fuel tank area
  • ABS cowl and wheel pants
  • Aluminum landing gear
  • Adjustable engine mount
  • Hardware—pushrods, hinges, control horns, tailwheel bracket, nuts and bolts
  • Full-size rolled plans
  • Decals
  • Photo-illustrated instructions

Length: 48 in (1219 mm), Wing area: 595 in2 (3839 cm2), Wing loading: 24 oz / ft2 (73.2 g / dm2), Wingspan: 58 in (1473 mm), Weight: 5.8 lbs (2608 g), Requires: (2 stroke) .40-.51 or (4 stroke) .48-.70 size engine, Pitts-style muffler, 4-channel radio with four servos, 2.5" main wheels, 1" tail wheel, 10 oz fuel tank, fuel tubing, fuel filter, 2¼ spinner, fuel, building and field equipment, 2 or more Monokote® covering rolls and paint.