Dynaflite By Great Planes Giant Super Decathlon Kit

Giant Super Decathlon Kit

Ease into aerobatics in a BIG way, with the Fun Scale Decathlon.

Since their introduction in the 1970's, Decathlons have been the most popular choice of full-size pilots wanting to learn basic aerobatic maneuvers. If you're an aspiring R/C aerobat who's ready to try your hand at performing loops, rolls and spins, Dynaflite's Giant Scale Super Decathlon kit is the easy-building, impressive-looking model that will take you to the next level.

  • Features the proven Selig 8036 semi-symmetrical airfoil that delivers an excellent balance between aerobatic potential and low-speed handling.
  • Flies well with a wide range of engine sizes.
  • The vacu-formed windscreen, ABS wheel pants and 3-piece cowl offer authentic scale touches without a lot of work.
  • Included in the kit is a sturdy aluminum landing gear that stands up to less-than-perfect landings
  • An easy access servo compartment has been thoughtfully placed near the tail for optimizing balance if heavy engines are used.

Wingspan: 89 in (2261 mm) Wing Area: 1237 sq in (80 dm2) Weight: 16-18 lb (7258-8165 g) Fuselage Length: 69 in (1753 mm) Requirements: 2-stroke 1.08-1.8 cu in (17.7-29.5 cc) or 4-stroke 1.20-1.60 cu in (20-26 cc) glow engine or 25-35 cc gasoline engine, 4-channel radio w/6 servos (5 high-torque servos @ 50 oz-in or better), 1000mAh Rx battery and 3+ rolls of Coverite 21st Century Fabric