Goldberg By Great Planes Anniversary Piper Cub Kit

Anniversary Piper Cub Kit

The plane that needs no introduction!

This kit has become almost as famous as the original airplane! The Anniversary Edition J-3 Cub is a beautiful replica of the original 1935 model and is full of performance possibilities. This is a nice second or third airplane kit after a beginner learns to build and fly trainer airplanes. With its full-span wing and a .40 (2-stroke or 4-stroke), its a scale-like floater. But with a clipped wing and a .60-.90 engine, its an aerobatic thriller. And with anything in between, its just plain terrific. Plus, the Cub's construction, with far fewer parts than the look-alike kits, is the essence of strength and simplicity, so that even new builders can tackle the job with confidence.