Great Planes Avistar Elite GP/EP ARF

An advanced trainer with sport plane performance

When you've learned the ropes and you're ready to move up to a plane with more maneuverability; the Avistar Elite ARF is the bird for you. This plane has high-wing design to make it easier to handle. It also has a semi-symmetrical airfoil so you can perform more aerobatics than with many trainers!
The Avistar ARF is also customizable. Assembly is still easy and glue free, but with this plane you can choose between glow and electric power. You can also choose to install flaps on your craft for additional maneuvering options. In all, the planes modular construction speeds assembly and makes replacement or exchanging of parts a breeze.
Wingspan: 62.5 in (1590 mm) Weight: 104 oz (2950 g) Length: 55 in (1395 mm) Includes: Pre-built wing and fuselage parts, Built-up wood sections covered in MonoKote®, Magnetic battery hatch Requires: 4-5 channel radio system and 4-7 servos, An O.S. 46AX II ABL with Muffler and fuel OR, An ElectriFly® RimFire™ .46 (42-60-800kV) Outrunner Brushless Motor, ElectriFly Silver Series 45A Brushless ESC, FlightPower® EON-X™ 30 4S 14.8V LiPo battery
  • Wing halves feature pre-hinged control surfaces and servo bays for aileron servos and optional flaps. Simply slide them onto the joiner tube. No glue is used, so they remove easily for transport.
Great Planes Avistar Elite GP/EP ARF - Parts Layout
The factory-built, modular components assemble quickly. Just add your own glow engine or electric power components.
Great Planes Avistar Elite GP/EP ARF - magnetic hatch
Your flight battery or fuel tank fits easily into this large, on-board compartment with magnetic hatch for easy access.
Great Planes Avistar Elite GP/EP ARF - magnetic hatch
A vibration-reducing IsoSmooth Engine Mount is supplied for glow engine installation. If you prefer electric power, the model also comes with an electric motor mount.
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