Great Planes® Ultra Sport GP/EP ARF

A classic aerobatic performer.

For years the Ultra Sport has been the epitome of what a sport aerobatic airplane should be: quality construction, versatile performance and contemporary style. The 4th iteration of the Ultra Sport incorporates the most up-to-date features, resulting in an Almost-Ready-to-Fly model that sport pilots and veterans alike will enjoy.
Wingspan: 55 in (1395 mm), Wing Area: 564 in² (36.4 dm²), Weight Range: 5.5-6.5 lb (2.4-2.9 kg), Wing Loading: 22-26 oz/ft² (67-79 g/dm²), Length: 49.5 in (1255 mm), Requirements: 4-6 channel radio with 5+ standard servos (additional servo required for glow power), 2-stroke .46-.55 or 4-stroke .70 glow engine OR 42-60-480kV brushless motor with 75A ESC, 6S 22.2V 3600mAh LiPo battery and charger, 12x7 sport prop (glow power) or 15x8 electric prop (brushless power)
  • Flies well with glow OR electric power.
  • Included mechanical retracts enhance performance and style.
  • Large hatch for easy access to on-board gear and battery.
  • The symmetrical airfoil offers a wider aerobatic range.
EP/GP Setup
The Ultra Sport .46/EP ARF is designed to easily accept a .46-size glow engine or comparable size electric motor, and performs great with either option.

Great Planes® Ultra Sport GP/EP ARF - retracts
Mechanical retracts boost the Ultra Sport’s overall performance. With the gear up the plane flies faster and looks sleeker — when the gear is down ground handling is solid and predictable.
Great Planes® Ultra Sport GP/EP ARF - canopy w/pilot figure
The large hatch with spring-loaded latch allows for easy radio gear access and LiPo battery changes. A pilot bust is included and installed.
Great Planes® Ultra Sport GP/EP ARF - aileron servo
Separate aileron servos allow for more precise control and trim adjustments, as well as customized mixing options
Great Planes® Ultra Sport GP/EP ARF - fiberglass cowl
The cowl is made of high-quality fiberglass, and complements the plane’s balsa and plywood construction.
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