Great Planes Cherokee GP/EP ARF

The perfect plane for "stepping up" with style.

After mastering a 4-channel trainer, a modeler is ready to move up to the next level, and this Cherokee ARF is the ideal offering. Pilots will find that not only is it sized for transportation ease, it also flies well with popular .46-sized engines – which makes it easier for you to support. Great Planes' Cherokee ARF also serves as a great transition into brushless electric power, along with the thrill of low-wing flight. And the sport-scale Cherokee profile is a great change-of-pace from Stiks and Cubs!
Wingspan: 60 in (1520 mm) Wing Area: 606 in² (39 dm2) Weight: 6.75-7.25 lb (3.1-3.3 kg) Wing Loading: 26-28 oz/ft² (79-85 g/dm2) Length: 46 in (1170 mm) Electric Power Requirements: ElectriFly™ RimFire™ 42-50-800 Outrunner brushless motor, Silver Series SS-60 brushless ESC, 18.5V 3200mAh LiPo battery, 10x5E or 11x5E propeller Glow Power Requirements: 2-stroke .40-.46 cu in (7-7.5 cc) or 4-stroke .52-.56 cu in (8.5-9.2 cc) engine Also Required: 4+ channel radio (5 channels for operational flaps) w/4-7 standard servos
  • Just 4-6 hours of final assembly are required to get this ARF flight-ready.
  • Using a 5-channel radio, the Cherokee can be flown with optional flaps that add realism and allow the plane to come in super-slow for landings.
  • The entire top canopy attaches and removes with two screws, for easy access to on-board gear and the LiPo flight pack (if flying with brushless power).

Great Planes Cherokee GP/EP ARF - Engine
The Cherokee excels with 2- or 4-stroke glow or brushless electric power. Detailed instructions take you step-by-step through installation of either power choice.
Great Planes Cherokee GP/EP ARF - flaps
Separate standard servos control the pre-hinged ailerons and flaps. Flap operation requires 5-channels; a 4-channel radio can be used to fly without working flaps. Hardware for both setups is provided.
Great Planes Cherokee GP/EP ARF - stabilizers
The horizontal and vertical stabilizers install quickly with screws, which align them automatically (no measuring or glue required!) and allow for easy removal of the surfaces for transport if desired.
Great Planes Cherokee GP/EP ARF - Hatch
The cockpit area – with installed pilot figure – doubles as a hatch that removes for easy access to batteries for an outrunner brushless motor system. The fuselage offers generous space for radio gear, allowing you to use standard-sized servos and receivers.
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