Great Planes Easy Sport 40 Mk II ARF

Step up from your trainer with confidence – and easy ARF assembly.

Although you can speed through assembly in just 15-20 hours, the all-wood, MonoKote-covered Easy Sport 40 MkII ARF is indistinguishable from a carefully crafted kit. Its gentle low-speed flight provides an easy, confidence-boosting transition from your basic trainer to exciting aerobatics.
Wingspan: 59.2 in (1505mm) Wing Area: 750 sq in (48 dm2) Weight: 5.5–6.5 lb (2500–2950g) Wing Loading: 18–21 oz/sq ft (55–64g/dm2) Fuselage Length: 50 in (1270mm) Engine Requires: 2-stroke .40-.50 cu in (6.5–8.5cc) or 4-stroke .52–.70 cu in (8.5–11.5cc) Radio Requires: 4-channel with 4 servos
  • Offers reassuring, trainer-like stability while you learn to fly aerobatics.
  • Shoulder-mounted wing with fully symmetrical airfoil increases maneuvering potential.
  • Roomy fuselage allows easy installation of on-board radio gear.
  • Heavy-duty tricycle landing gear and virtually all required assembly hardware are supplied.
  • Included, reinforced nylon Great Planes Adjustable Engine Mount fits any engine in the recommended range for solid support.
Great Planes Easy Sport 40 Mk II ARF - precovered
All of the Easy Sport 40 MkII ARF's major components come prebuilt from high-quality wood and expertly precovered with Top Flite® MonoKote® film. Extensive hardware and photo-illustrated instructions are included.
Great Planes Easy Sport 40 Mk II ARF - fuselage
Ample room is provided in the model's fuselage for your receiver and servos. Installation is fully explained in the model's step-by-step, photo-illustrated instruction manual – which is remarkably detailed, especially for an ARF!
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