Dynaflite By Great Planes Bird of Time Glider ARF

Classic thermal soarer as a quick-building ARF!

Enjoy the quiet beauty of flying a sailplaneā€¦and some of the simplest assembly you've ever done! Originally designed by Dave Thornburg, the Bird of Time ranks as one of the most popular Dynaflite kits ever — and this ARF delivers the same soaring performance with prebuilt ease.
With its broad wingspan and beautiful MonoKote finish, the Bird of Time ARF is easy to see at high altitudes — a must for experienced pilots aiming for maximum altitudes and flight times.
Wingspan: 118 in (2985mm) Wing Area: 1050 sq in (68dm2) Wing Loading: 8.2 oz/sq ft (25g/dm2) Weight: 3.75 lb (1700g) Fuselage Length: 50 in (1270mm) Requirements: 2-channel radio w/1 standard and 1 micro or mini servo
  • Excels at thermal and duration soaring.
  • Built-up wood wing sections are expertly covered in Top Flite MonoKote film.
  • Airfoil maximizes performance at all times, whether you're riding slow-rising thermals or chasing a fast-moving updraft.
  • Ready to soar in as little as 2-3 hours.
  • Hand laid-up fiberglass fuselage increases durability and distributes weight evenly.
  • Tow hook position adjusts to maximize launch angles and altitude.
Dynaflite By Great Planes Bird of Time Glider ARF - Parts Layout
The Bird of Time ARF can be assembled in as little as 2-3 hours! Its durable, hand-laid fiberglass fuselage arrives already painted, and the built-up wing and tail surfaces have been covered in Top Flite® MonoKote® film. Hardware and a molded, tinted canopy are also supplied!
Dynaflite By Great Planes Bird of Time Glider ARF - Vertical Fin
The vertical fin is built into the fuselage, eliminating attachment and alignment work. The mini or micro servo required for operating the full-flying stabilizer is mounted in the fin for easy set-up and precise, positive control.
Dynaflite By Great Planes Bird of Time Glider ARF - fuselage
A radio system's on-board equipment, including a standard servo for rudder control, installs easily into the Bird of Time ARF's fuselage. Room is also available to add a ballast box, if desired, for maximum wind penetration.
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