Great Planes® Super Skybolt ARF

Ready for show time in no time!

Factory-applied film and painted fiberglass parts give the Super Skybolt ARF the easy glamour of an old-time aerobatic great. And since it arrives prebuilt with Great Planes hardware, you can be wowing the crowd in a matter of hours.
Nearly a pound lighter than the original kit, the Super Skybolt ARF flies like it assembles: FAST! Less mass to move means higher speeds and quicker response, so it’s a hit with a .60, a powerful performer with a 4-stroke .91 — and requires only standard servos!
It’s a blend of true bipe appearance and superior single-wing performance, all in one easy-to-handle star. Pick a point in the sky, and the Super Skybolt ARF will hit it. Send it through a maneuver — and its long tail moment ensures on-rails tracking. Ask it for the moon — and it will make YOU the star.
Wingspan: 57 in (1450 mm), Wing Area: 924 in² (60 dm²), Wing Loading: 19.2 oz/ft² (59 g/dm²), Weight: 7.7 lb (3490 g), Length: 53 in (1345 mm), Requirements: 2-stroke .60-.75 or 4-stroke .70-.91 engine, Muffler, 4-channel radio w/5 standard servos and Glow fuel
  • Ready to take center stage in as little as 12-15 hours.
  • Almost a full pound lighter than the kit, for stronger climbs and quicker response overall.
  • Simplified strut design strengthens structures, speeds assembly — and eliminates unsightly screw-down brackets.
  • Fast, smooth and predictable in flight, with a long tail moment to ensure true tracking.
  • Performs classic air show maneuvers with ease and grace — just right for straight, level flight and impressive, low-level flybys.
Great Planes® Super Skybolt ARF - trim scheme
The striking red-and-white checkerboard pattern on the bottom wing makes it easy to tell which way is up – even at a distance!
Great Planes® Super Skybolt ARF - wheel pants
The lightweight fiberglass cowl and wheel pants come painted out-of-the-box, ready for installation.
Great Planes® Super Skybolt ARF - Parts Layout
Includes a lightweight wood airframe, a four-color trim scheme, painted fiberglass parts and high-quality Great Planes hardware.

Great Planes® Super Skybolt ARF - aluminum spinner
Bonuses include a gleaming aluminum spinner and steerable tailwheel assembly.
Great Planes® Super Skybolt ARF - Aileron servo
An aileron servo on the underside of each bottom wing half provides the power you demand for spectacular aerobatics.
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