Great Planes Waco Classic YMF-5D Glow/Gasoline ARF

Waco Classic YMF-5D Glow/Gasoline ARF

The Greatest of the Golden Age Bipes!

Read This Product's Review The number of sleek, fast aircraft boomed during the Golden Age of Aviation, but none could compare with the Waco. Today, the Waco YMF-5D offers the same timeless good looks and the benefits of modern technology. Great Planes’ replica recreates its smooth, flowing lines and classic style in sport-scale detail, painted fiberglass and rich MonoKote film.

  • The cowl features a realistic replica radial and factory-painted blister detail that adds to looks while reducing finishing time. A hidden ring secures the cowl without screw holes, preserving scale looks.
  • Tubes for the horizontal stabilizer simplify alignment and installation, reducing assembly time.
  • Painted fiberglass parts — including the cowl, struts, cabanes, wheel pants and fairings — ensure seamless looks and fast installation.
  • Each aileron has a dedicated servo, ensuring swift, dependable response, shorter linkages and easier installation and adjustment.

Wingspan: 72 in (1830 mm) Wing Area: 1384 in2 (89.2 dm2) Weight: 12.75-13.75 lb (5.78-6.23 kg) Wing Loading: 21-23 oz/ft2 (64-70 g/dm2) Length: 56.5 in (1435 mm) Requires: Radio system with a minimum of 4 channels, seven servos, 2-stroke .91 or 4-stroke 1.20 glow or 25-30 cc gasoline engine