Great Planes Factor™ 3D EP ARF

Simple design, spectacular performance.

What the Factor 3D lacks in size, it makes up for in maneuverability. This purpose-built flier can do just about everything: harriers, waterfalls, torque rolls – even smooth sport aerobatics! Best of all, the Factor 3D does it with economical components. And like all other Great Planes aircraft, it's easy to assemble, thanks to top-notch craftsmanship, a two-piece wing and quality hardware.
Wingspan: 38 in (965 mm) Wing Area: 375 in2 (24.3 dm2) Weight: 28-32 oz (795-905 g) Wing Loading: 10.8-12.3 oz/ft2 (33-38 g/dm2) Length: 41.5 in (1,055 mm) Requirements: Radio system with 4 channels, 4 micro servos, 35-30-1250kV outrunner brushless motor, 35A brushless ESC, 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo battery, and LiPo-compatible charger
  • Compact size, unmatched convenience.
  • Removable wing panels.
  • Offers a wide flight envelope.
  • Assembles quickly and easily.

Great Planes Factor™ 3D EP ARF - Wing
A two-piece wing adds convenience. Wing panels assemble onto a joiner tube, simplifying transport.
Great Planes Factor™ 3D EP ARF - Hatch
A magnetic hatch provides easy access to onboard gear.
Great Planes Factor™ 3D EP ARF - Servos
Aileron servos in each wing panel simplify assembly and allow for advanced mixing options.
Great Planes Factor™ 3D EP ARF - Tail Mounted Servos
Tail-mounted elevator and rudder servos provide short, direct linkages, resulting in precise aerobatics.
Great Planes Factor™ 3D EP ARF - Performance
The Factor 3D's flight envelope is virtually unlimited — and it performs well using economical components.
Great Planes Factor™ 3D EP ARF - Aerobatics
The Factor 3D can do it all: harriers, waterfalls, torque rolls and smooth sport aerobatics!
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