Hacker-Model® Super Zoom 4D EPP ARF

Even more aerobatic

An update from the Zoom Zoom with side force generators to facilitate ever more outrageous but totally controlled flights, the Super Zoom is your ride to awesome flights with an ultralight model. There are no decals to apply since it’s painted with a special CAD process that renders a level of detail never before possible on an EPP model. This model is made from tough EPP foam, light, and perfect for extreme aerobatics.
Wingspan: 39.41 in (1000 mm) Length: 37 in (940 mm) Weight: 24.69 oz (700 g) Requires: 4-channel radio, 4 micro servos, brushless motor, ESC, propeller, 3S LiPo, building and finishing supplies.
  • EPP parts
  • Carbon pushrods and struts
  • Landing gear
  • Pre-colored fuselage, wing, and horizontal stabilizer
  • Complete hardware package
  • Full instructions
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