Hobbico Accu-Glo II

Accu-Glo II

The power panel with more...now has MUCH more!

Hobbico Accu-Glo II
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The advanced design of the Accu-Glo MkII Power Panel means more convenience and easier control.

  • A built-in 300-400mA charger with LED and a mounting lug for attaching a Hot Shot. Provides constant charging of glow starters at the field.
  • 1.5 jacks and a simple adjustment dial allows for automatic glow heat customization to the model; once set, the Accu-Glo MkII automatically maintains proper heat, regardless of the plug's condition.
  • A bank of 4 colored LEDs next to the power switch provides a more accurate reading of field battery voltage levels.
  • 12V jacks for connecting electric starters and fuel pumps, and 1.5V jacks for glow plugs. The fuel pump is controlled by simple, color-coded twin "FILL" and "EMPTY" pushbuttons.

Input Voltage: 11-13V DC Input Voltage Indicators - Four LEDs: Green LED #2 = 12.5V or more, Green LED #1 = 12.0V or more, Amber LED = 11.5V or more, Red LED = 11.0V or more Starter Jacks-Output Voltage: 12V DC, Fuel Pump Controls: yellow "FILL" pushbutton, red "EMPTY" pushbutton Glow Heat Power Circuit: automatic 1.5V heat adjustment, Glow Heat Status Indicators: green LED = "HOT" glow heat, red LED = "COLD" glow heat, Glow Heat Continuity Indicators: green LED = "GOOD" plug continuity, red LED = "BAD" plug continuity, Glow Starter Charger Current: 300-400mA constant current (not timed), Glow Starter Output Jack: glow starter mounting lug with LED, Case Size: 6.0 x 3.7 in (152 x 94 mm), Weight: 8.3 oz (235 g)