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HPI 1/8 Savage X SS K4.6 Kit

HPI 1/8 Savage X SS K4.6 Kit

Step up to the speed, power and durability of a Savage X SS 4.6!

The Savage X SS 4.6 is our most powerful and toughest Savage ever. Following the tradition of past SS models, the Savage X SS is one of the few build-it-yourself monster truck kits on the market, aimed at R/C enthusiasts who enjoy the process of building and customizing their truck. Standard equipment includes the powerful K4.6 engine with pullstarter, along with an exciting list of features that make the Savage X SS capable of handling the toughest beating you can throw at it.

  • Front and Rear Skidplate Bumpers
  • 8.5MM Carburetor
  • Billet Aluminum Heatsink
  • Dirt Bonz Tires
  • Heavy Duty Dogbones
  • Aggressive Porting
  • Hand Adjustable High Speed Needle
  • 2 Speed Transmission!
  • Dual Disc Brake
  • Innovative Dual Stage Air Filter Design

Height: 10" (254mm) Length: 21" (533mm) Width: 16.8" (427mm) Wheelbase: 13.25" (336mm) wheels on-center front-to-rear Body Length: 18" (457mm) Width: 7" (178mm) at rear wheels, widest point Width: 6-1/4" (158mm) behind from wheels Height: 5" (127mm)