Kyosho 1/8 Inferno MP9e TKI 4WD Kit

Build one bad buggy!

The electric version of the dominating Inferno MP9, this exceptional buggy is optimized for power, speed and the ease of electricity. This TKI version kicks the competitive advantage even higher with advanced components and the ability to fine-tune settings. For 1/8 scale off-road glory, look no further than the Inferno MP9e TKI.
Length: 19.3 in (490 mm) Width: 12.1 in (307 mm) Height: 7.1 in (180 mm) Wheelbase: 12.8 in (325 mm) Weight (approx.): 7.7 lb (3,500 g) Requirements: 2-channel radio w/1 servo, Brushless Motor, Brushless ESC, Two LiPo batteries, Compatible charger, “AA” batteries, Tires, Tire inserts, Pinion gear, Truck body shell, Polycarbonate paint, Building and track equipment.
  • 7075 Aluminum Chassis
  • 3-differential equipped shaft drive full-time 4WD
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension
  • Adjustable wheelbase, tread, roll center, caster angle, toe angle and camber
  • Adjustable roll center and caster angle
  • Bolt-on rear wing
  • Compact front and rear diff units
Shock Stays
Solid, 7075S grade aluminum shock stays deliver superior performance in hard runs.
An A7075 aluminum hard-coated chassis plate delivers the rigidity, stability and durability you need for top-level racing.
Central positioning
Central positioning of all heavy components lowers the vehicles CG to increase on-track maneuverability.
Universal Swing Shafts
Total of 6 universal swing shafts drive all wheels as well as the front and rear center shafts to realize an ultimately reliable drive system. Hex screws are used throughout.
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