Multiplex Easy Glider Pro Kit

Thermal rider

The Easy Glider PRO is an updated model based on the popular and proven Easy Glider and Easy Glider electric. Just like the larger Cularis, the Easy Glider PRO can be built as a pure glider or as an electric by adding the optional power pack. The Easy Glider Pro's flying characteristics are perfect for the beginner, although this by no means implies that the more advanced pilot won't enjoy it - quite the contrary. If you are an expert you will soon discover that the Easy Glider PRO has the kind of performance only seen with much larger and more expensive gliders.
Wingspan: 72 in (1829 mm) Wing Area: 645 in2 (41.6 dm2) Wing Loading: 6.25 oz/ft2 (19 g/dm2) Fuselage Length: 44 in (1118 mm) Weight: 34 oz (Electric)/ 29 oz (Glider) [964 g (electric) 822 g (Glider)]
  • Low sink rate
  • Can be ballasted to expand the airspeed range
  • Landing aid - both ailerons raised
  • Pre-fabricated molded ELAPORĀ® parts
  • Convenient method of aileron servo connection when the wings are fitted
  • Two-part wing with removable spar joiner for easy transportation
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