Multiplex® Solius Glider Kit

Soar to the sun!

With its pleasant handling and excellent performance, Solius offers tremendous soaring pleasure for weekend fliers and professionals alike. It’s perfect for flat-land and slope sites alike, delivering long soaring flights and lively aerobatics. The Solius features a t-tail, detailed cockpit, clear canopy and numerous innovative Elapor® foam construction details, making it a delight to fly. Flown with electric power or as a pure sailplane, it is the perfect glider for all.
Wingspan: 85 in (2160 mm)
Overall Length: 43.3 in (1100 mm)
Total Weight: 44 oz (1250 g) minimum, built as glider
Total Weight: 51 oz (1450 g) minimum, electric powered
Wing Area: 630 sq in (40.7 sq dm)
Wing Loading: min 10.6 / 11.7 oz/sq ft (min: 32.3/35.7 oz/ft2)
Requires: Radio system, optional brushless electric power system, battery, building and finishing supplies.
  • Clear molded canopy with detailed cockpit interior
  • Elapor foam fuselage
  • Detachable tail plane for ease of transport
  • Innovative tubular spar wings are nearly impervious to stress
  • Two-piece wings
  • Dual servo aileron control
  • Plastic 12 x 6 folding prop
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