Pulse V2 Racing ESC and V2 Combos

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Novak® Pulse V2 Racing ESC and V2 Combos
With upgraded firmware and more performance and adjustability than ever before, the Pulse V2 is an exciting addition to the 10th scale racing world. It’s built to take on the toughest tracks and win. It includes the smooth performance of X-Drive™, easy tuning with the Super-Tuner interface, Dynamic Timing Advance for insane speeds and a heavy-duty 5A BEC to pound power to your servos. It’s the ESC 1/10th scale vehicle racers need and it’s available in the great combos you see below.

  • Full-feature ESC for 1/10 scale, Mod Touring and 4x4 SCT applications
  • Super Tuner firmware for quick tuning (19 parameters)
  • Drive tuning:
    • Dynamic Timing Advance
    • RPM (Start/Final/Range)
    • Drive Frequency
    • Minimum Drive
  • Brake Tuning:
    • Brake Power
    • Brake Frequency
    • Drag Brake
    • Minimum Brake
  • Additional Tuning:
    • Motor Rotation
    • Dead Band
    • Reverse Disable
    • LiPo Protection (On/Off)
  • 5 customizable user profiles
  • M12 SSR mode
  • Meets ROAR Sportsman Class Racing Specs
  • Dynamic Timing Advance increases motor RPM
  • Novak X-Drive for enhanced throttle response and smooth power delivery and lower operating temperatures
  • Adjustable power NovaBrakes for instantaneous braking under any conditions
  • 6 specialized RPM tables for fine-tuning DTA
  • Novak Xtra-Timing™ increases motor RPM for unmatched power
  • 5A BEC for high-demand servos
  • LiPo cut-off circuitry
  • Quick and easy transmitter set up
  • Sensor-based for improved torque and low-speed drivability
  • Water-resistant case to seal out the elements
  • Cross-cut heat sink for reduced weight and efficient cooling
  • Cooling fan with connectors and hardware
  • On-board temperature diagnostics
  • Heavy-duty, high-powered PCB
  • Built-in power capacitor bank
  • On-board Hall Sensor Test
  • Gold-plated direct-solder wiring tabs
  • User-replaceable input, motor sensor and switch harnesses
  • 1 year limited warranty through Novak from the date of purchase.

Input Cells: 1-2S LiPo / 4-6 cell NiMH Size: 1.16 x 1.47 x 0.96 in (29.5 x 37.3 x 24.4 mm) Weight: 1.42 oz (40.4g) On Resistance: 0.0004 ohms @25°C trans. Temp. Compatibility: 540-Size 3.5T or higher sensored; 550-size 4.5T or higher sensored; 4-Pole 5200Kv or lower sensored. BEC: 6V DC/ 5A Wire: 12G Super-Flex Novak Silicone Wire LEDs: 5, multi-colored on-board LEDs

Pulse V2/Vulcan Mod 7.5T Race Combo
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Pulse V2/Vulcan Spec 17.5T Pro Race Combo
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Pulse V2/Vented Ballistic 550 4xSC BL System 4.5T
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