Novak Crusher/Ballistic Brushless Systems
Novak Crusher/Ballistic Brushless Systems

Novak Crusher/Ballistic Brushless Systems

Best bets for bashing and crawling!

The Crusher ESC delivers superior performance with bashers and crawlers alike, using 2S-4S LiPo power. Features auto-detect Crawler and Extreme Sport driving modes, X-Drive™ firmware and on-board programming. Choose the 17.5T Spec Extreme Sport system for bashing and 18.5T and 21.5T systems for crawling.
Dimensions: 1.2” x 1.5” x 1” (29.5 mm x 37.3 mm x 24.4 mm) Weight: 1.4 oz (40.4 g) Input Voltage: 4-14 cell NiMHs or 2S-4S LiPos (LiPos are recommended for performance set-ups and RPM boost timing) BEC: 6V/5A Motor Limit (Brushless 2S):
6.5T 540-size (13.5T Crawler); 4.5T 550-size (Brushless 3S): 13.5T 540-size (18.5T Crawler); 6.5T 550-size (Brushless 4S): 13.5T 540-size (18.5T Crawler); 7.5T 550-size On Resistance: 0.00040 ohms @ 25° C trans. temp. (brushless) Fwd/Brk/Rev: F/Drag Brake/R; F/B/R with non-crawler motors Wire Size: 14AWG Super-Flex copper-strand silicone wire

Motor: Dimensions: 2.1” x 1.4” (52.6 mm x 35.8 mm) Weight: 6.6 oz (187 g) Shaft Diameter: 0.125” (3.2 mm) Sensor Harness Length: 9 in (230 mm)

    Crusher ESC Features

  • Rugged performance for 2S-4S rock crawling, rock racing, trail hauling, short-course and non-racing “go-fast” set-ups.
  • Compatible with 540-size and 550-size sensored brushless motors.
  • Power Hill/Hold Brakes for extreme holding power.
  • Auto-detect driving profile – crawling and extreme sport.
  • Dynamic Timing Advance for increased RPM.
  • Novak X-Drive provides enhanced throttle response, smooth power delivery, higher top speeds and cooler operating temperatures.
  • Novak Super Tuner firmware for on-board programming:
    Drive Tuning: RPM Boost Timing (2S), Drive Frequency, Minimum Drive (extreme sport mode only).
    Brake Tuning: Brake Frequency, Power Hill/Hold Brakes, Minimum Brake.
    Additional Tuning: Dead Band, Voltage Cut-off, Motor Rotation.
  • On-board diagnostic temperature monitoring and thermal overload protection.
  • One-Touch Set-Up for quick transmitter set-ups.
  • Gold-plated wiring tabs for flexible soldering options.

    Ballistic Motor Features

  • Completely rebuildable and compatible with countless upgrade and replacement parts.
  • Easy-to-adjust timing assembly.
  • Meets ROAR and IFMAR specifications.
  • 1/2” x 3/16” (12.7 mm x 4.8 mm) oversized front bearing for increased load handling and longer life.
  • 0.5” (12.3 mm) pinion shaft accepts all existing pinion gears.
  • Sensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed driveability.
  • Color-coded, hand-wound stator identifies the number of winds.
  • Heavy-duty solder tabs.

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