Novak Vulcan Spec Brushless Motors
Novak Vulcan Spec Brushless Motors

Novak Vulcan Spec Brushless Motors

Legally, the best you can get.

Vulcan Spec motors take motor power to the very fringe of spec legality. With high-RPM stators and the maximum wiring gauge permitted, these motors are designed to deliver every ounce of power the rules will allow. High-quality steel stators, American-made 99% copper Red Wire, large cooling vents and precise tuning rotors combine to deliver the best spec motor on the market. Although there is a lot of competition in the market, the Vulcan line of racing spec and mod motors are one of the few, if not only, that are designed, hand-wound, assembled, and tested in the USA. They also use American copper wire for maximum performance. Their motors are completely rebuildable and Tower Hobbies sells a full line of replacement components.
Size (540): 2.07 x 1.41 in (52.6 x 35.8 mm) Weight: 6.1 oz (173g) Shaft Diameter: 1.25 in (31.7 mm) Magnetic Material: High-Strength Sintered Neodymium Sensored: Yes. Kv (unloaded): 4,200 (#3640), 3,300 (#3643), 2,200 (#3647), 1,850 (#3648) Design: Sensored, 2-pole Stator Insert Color: Blue (#3640), Orange (#3643), Yellow (#3647), Green (#3648) Front Bearing Size: 1/2 x 3/16" (12.7 x 4.8mm) Requires: Compatible ESC such as the Novak #1756 Pulse V2, #1730 Impact, #1747 GTB 3, and #1851 EDGE 2S
  • High RPM stator hand wound with Red Wire
  • ROAR Approved
  • Single-piece can with large cooling vents
  • All systems sensored for optimal torque and drive ability
  • Rebuildable design for easy part switch outs
  • Adjustable motor timing for optimum performance
  • Shielded sensor harness with silicone-sealed gasket
  • Oversized front bearing for improved load handling and bearing life
  • Nickel-plated sintered Neodymium rotor with 0.125” pinion shaft
  • 1 year limited warranty through Novak from the date of purchase.
  • Available in 10.5, 13.5, 17.5 and 21.5 T windings
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