Novak M2 Dig 3S Dual Brushed ESC

M2 Dig 3S Dual Brushed ESC

Novak’s first dual-motor crawler ESC!

Novak M2 Dig 3S Dual Brushed ESC
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Designed especially for crawling, the M2 Dig 3S Dual Brushed ESC offers dual motor compatibility, three programmable throttle profiles, five adjustable parameters and a 6V/5A BEC. Best of all, it’s LiPo- and LiFe-compatible, too!

  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Universal JST input plug for channels 2 and 3
  • Internal 6V/5A switching regulator
  • Water-resistant case with gasket seal
  • Built-in PC connectivity using Novalink™ offers expanded programming options

ESC footprint: 1.16 in x 1.47 in (29.5 mm x 37.3 mm) Input voltage: 4-9 cell NiMHs or 2-3 cell LiPos/LiFes On-resistance (dual motor): 0.0016 Ohms @ 25° C trans. temperature On-resistance (single motor): 0.0008 Ohms @ 25° C trans. temperature Motor limit: 27T (2-cell LiPo); 33T (3-cell LiPo) 540-sized dual brushed motors BEC: 6V/5A BEC 4 on-board and 2 external status LEDs Voltage Cut-Off: (when LiPo Cut-Off Circuitry is enabled: 6.25V (2-cell LiPo); 4.75V (2-cell LiFe); 9.75V (3-cell LiPo) & 7.125V (3-cell LiFe) Power Wires: 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire