O.S. Engines

15LA ABN w/Muffler

The easy choice in sport performance!

Why burn daylight fiddling with a finicky motor? Take the easy way out, with an engine that's as powerful and dependable as the day is long: LA-Series engines from O.S. are flier favorites because they are easy: easy to afford, easy to run, easy to maintain – and hard to beat for powerful, dependable performance. That's because O.S. has worked hard to make them that way. With CNC-machined parts, for precise fit and finish. Heavy "webbing" on one-piece crankcases to resist distortion and prevent binding. A tall heat sink head and crankcase fins so LA engines cool better and last longer. And with nylon backplates that include an integral, molded-in fuel inlet and needle-valve holder.

Displacement: 2.49cc (0.1517 cu. in.), Bore: 15.2mm (.598"), Stroke: 13.7mm (.539"), Horsepower: .41 bhp at 17,000 rpm, Weight: 5 oz w/o muffler (6.5 oz w/muffler), Practical rpm: 2,500-18,000, Recommended Props: Break In: 8x4, Trainer and Sport Models: 7x5-6, 8x4-5