O.S. 75AX ABL w/Muffler

The power source for 60-sized aircraft.

Power up your big bird the easy way: simply swap out your 61FX with the awesome 75AX ABL! It uses the same mount and fits the exact same bolt pattern, so there's no modifications required. The angular head not only looks sharp, it also significantly increases surface area for better cooling. A diagonally positioned needle eliminates the need for a remote needle valve. Plus, you get a Power Box muffler that's small in size, but robust in volume.
Displacement: 0.75 cu in Bore: 1.02 in Stroke: 0.93 in Weight: 19.4 oz Includes: glow plug, E-3010 muffler Recommended Props: 14 x 6, 14 x 8, 15 x 7

O.S. Engines two year limited warranty
  • Fits the same mount and bolt pattern as the 61FX.
  • The angular head design looks great and significantly increases surface area for better cooling.
  • Includes a Power Box muffler, designed with more volume for increased power while still being very compact.
  • A diagonally-placed needle means no remote needle valve is needed.
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