O.S. GF30 4-Stroke Gas w/Muffler

A compact, 4-stroke gasoline powerhouse.

The GF30 is THE power plant for models designed for 120-150 glow engines or 20cc gas engines. Realistic sound makes it ideal for scale aircraft — and aerobatic and sport models will benefit from its gasoline-sipping economy and impressive torque! It’s not only better for your aircraft, it’s also better for the environment! Positive Crankcase Ventilation recirculates blow-by gas and oil to keep the engine and the air cleaner. Pump up your model’s performance with the GF30 today!
Displacement: 1.827 cu in (29.94 cc) Bore: 1.496 in (38.0 mm) Stroke: 1.039 in (26.4 mm) Practical RPM Range: 1,800-9,000 Output: 2.8 ps/2.76 hp @ 9,000 rpm Weight: Engine: 34.9 oz (990 g) / Muffler: 4.0 oz (113 g) / Ignition Module: 3.35 oz (95 g) Recommended props: 16x10, 17x8, 17x10, 18x6W, 18x8

O.S. Engines two year limited warranty
  • 4-stroke reliability with easy, economical gasoline power
  • Fits GT22 beam mount
  • Quick, powerful throttle response
  • Rear-mounted O.S.-designed carb with PD-08 fuel pump
  • Light IG-07 ignition module accepts up to 2S LiPo power
  • PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) recirculates gas and oil waste for cleaner operation
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