O.S. Engines

Sirius7 FR7-420 7-Cylinder Engine

The brightest star in 4-stroke appearance and performance!

The "Golden Era" looks of the FR7-420 Sirius are matched by its superb power output and rich, realistic sound! Its vintage, 7-cylinder design is an airplane pilot's dream, while individual V-shaped valve covers add to the engine's superior scale appearance.

  • The vintage 7-cylinder design is a scale airplane modeler's dream.
  • Individual V-shaped valve covers add to the scale appearance, and make this engine compatible with several airplane styles.
  • Main internal parts such as the crankshaft, cam holder and reduction gear are all plated to resist corrosion.
  • Air-fuel mixture is distributed equally to each cylinder to ensure high performance and superb idle.

Displacement: 0.60 cu in x 7 (9.95 cc x 7) Bore: 0.94 in (24 mm) Stroke: 0.87 in (22 mm) Practical RPM: 1,500-7,000 Weight: 111.7 oz (3.167 kg) Requirements: 5-10% blend nitro airplane fuel with 8-10% lubricant content 22x10-12, 23x8-12, 24x8-12 or 26x8 propeller