O.S. Engines

GGT15 Gasoline Engine

The convenience of glow in a gasoline engine.

Glow plug ignition makes the GGT15 a unique 15cc gasoline engine — its performance is the icing on the cake! Glow plug ignition makes it much easier to start up the GGT15, and there’s no ignition module required! Additional features you’ll find on this exceptional engine include specialized shell-type roller bearings and a 61H carburetor with PD-8 pump system. It’s the perfect power plant for larger, .60-.91 class models.

Displacement: 0.912 cu in (14.95 cc) Bore: 1.091 in (27.7 mm), Stroke: 0.976 in (24.8 mm), Practical RPM Range: 2,000-11,000, Output: 2.35 ps/2.32 hp @ 15,000 rpm, Weight: Engine: 21.5 oz (610 g), Muffler: 6.28 oz (178 g), Ignition Module: 3.35 oz (95 g)