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OS Engines GT22 Gasoline Engine

GT22 Gasoline Engine

Gasoline power for your .90-1.20 aircraft

An investment in O.S. gasoline power quickly pays for itself in fast starts, higher power and more flights from your fuel budget. For the many planes that use 2-stroke .60-.91 or 4-stroke 1.20 glow engines, the GT22 — the third gasoline engine available from O.S. — is the perfect choice. It cranks out nearly 10% more power than other 2-stroke gasoline engines of similar size! Throughout the GT22, the fit and finish are outstanding — always delivering the same high performance as when you first installed your brand new, hand-crafted, quality inspected O.S. engine.

  • Pitts style muffler has been reinforced at seam, bend and mounting bolt locations for strength.
  • Redesigned for even easier starting, the IG-02 electronic ignition system handles 4-6 cell NiCd/NiMH or 2-cell LiPo/LiFe batteries.
  • Uses beam mounting for easy installation in planes designed for glow power.
  • Rear-mounted Walbro carburetor is custom-designed for the GT22 — a choke rod guide has also been integrated into the crankcase for effortless setup.
  • Includes single prop nut with locking nut.

Displacement: 1.35 cu in (22 cc), Bore: 1.26 in (32 mm), Stroke: 1.08 in (27.5 mm), Practical RPM: 1,800-9,000, Output: 2.66 hp @ 9,000 rpm, Engine Weight: 26.86 oz (761.6 g), Ignition Module Weight: 3.7 oz (105 g), Muffler Weight: 4.68 oz (132.6 g), Requirements: Unleaded gasoline, Recommended prop sizes: 16x8, 16x10, 17x6, 17x8.