O.S. Engines


The compact competitor for 1/10 scale racing.

In racing, you need to stay cool when the action is hot, and the 15CV-X is ready. Its unique, square, V-head has a lower profile but more surface area for improved heat dissipation. Impressive power and a built-in recoil starter make it a great choice for fast, clean starts in the pits and powerful starts off the line.

Displacement: 0.152 in³ (2.49 cc) Output: 0.67 hp @ 29,000 rpm RPM Range: 3,000-30,000 Weight: 9.3 oz (266 g) Bore: 0.598 in (15.2 mm) Stroke: 0.539 in (13.7 mm) Requirements Glow fuel with 10-30% nitro content (20% recommended for break-in), Exhaust system (depending on the vehicle), Glow starter, Fuel tubing, Track equipment