O.S. 28XZ Truggy

Perfectly balanced power for today's truggies!

Designed for 1/8 scale truggy applications, the 28XZ provides incredible power for an incredible price. A black aluminum crankcase, a 21J slide valve carb and more make this 2-stroke titan tower above the competition. Pull the trigger and you'll get a practical rpm range of 4,000 – 38,000 rpm and a whopping 3.31hp @ 32,000 rpm output!
Displacement: 0.284 cu in (4.65cc) Output: 3.31ps/32,000 RPM Bore: 0.728 in. (18.5mm) Stroke: 0.681 cu in (17.3mm) Practical RPM Range: 4,000-38,000 RPM Weight: 13.2oz (375g) Requires: 10 – 20% nitro fuel, Air filter, and Exhaust system (depending on vehicle)

O.S. Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Ten-fin blue anodized cooling head with inner head button
  • 8mm red carb insert for smaller tracks
  • 9mm blue carb insert for larger tracks and high rpm applications
  • Black aluminum crankcase
  • Three-needle 21J slide valve carb
  • Six-port piston sleeve
O.S. 28XZ Truggy - Components
The 28XZ comes with all the components serious racers need for fine-tuning to meet any conditions.

O.S. 28XZ Truggy - Carb inserts
Comes with 2 carb inserts ™ a 9 mm blue for higher rpm applications and larger tracks, and an 8 mm red for smaller tracks that restricts air intake.
O.S. 28XZ Truggy - Piston Sleeve
The piston sleeve boasts 6 ports for significantly increased power.
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