O.S. 30VG (P) ES ABL

The big block with big versatility.

While most .30-size engines are all about power, the 30VG has a square design that suits it perfectly for any 1/8 scale application. The 30VG's muscle is a natural for your monster trucks, but it can also be dropped into a buggy or on-roader for incredible speeds.
Displacement: 0.298 cu in (5cc) Bore: 0.728 in (18.5 mm) Stroke: 0.7165 in (18.2 mm) Practical rpm: 4000-36,000 Weight: 12.7oz. (360 g) Requires: manifold, tuned pipe, glow fuel Output: 3.0 hp @ 28,000 rpm Includes: #8 glow plug, #203 air filter

O.S. Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Performance advantages include a rear exhaust design, ABL sleeve, a 3-port liner and a double-bushed knife-edge conrod.
  • An insulated sleeve on the carb prevents fuel vaporization – a feature that the competitors don't have!
  • Comes with an SG (pilot) shaft (P), #8 glow plug and #203 air filter.
  • The crankshaft is oversized for durability, with a rubber-sealed front bearing and a rear bearing that's oversized to carry torque loads.
  • The 30VG (P) ES Electric Start w/21E Slide Carb is equipped with a back plate for using a DuraTrax® Kwik Pit™ Super Start or HPI Roto Starter ignition system.
The 21E carb features slide-valve operation for smooth, linear control – plus 2 screwdriver-adjustable needles for easy tuning.
Engine Head
An engine of this size requires extra cooling capacity, and the 30VG delivers. The blue-anodized head's massive surface area combines with fins on the crankcase to carry heat away – and is V-shaped for better clearance.
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