Great Planes® RealFlight® 7 R/C Flight Simulator

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RealFlight® 7.5 R/C Flight Simulator

There's an RF7.5 edition that fits the way you want to fly.

Because no two pilots are identical, RF7.5 is available in 5 different editions, and it's the only flight simulator that offers this many options. The software for each version is identical, so no matter which RF7.5 you choose you'll experience all of the realism and features that have made RealFlight #1. You'll also find new enhancements such as a wireless transmitter interface, RealPhysics™ technology expanded to include multi-rotor flight, an even more user-friendly Aircraft Editor, several additional aircraft designs to fly, new Challenges that feature multi-rotor aircraft, and much more.

For over 17 years RealFlight has been R/C's best-selling flight simulator, and RF7.5 provides even more reasons why!

Here's what you'll find in every edition of RF7.5

  • Over 140 aircraft, encompassing all types of airplanes, helis, sailplanes and multi-rotor designs
  • Over 40 PhotoField™ and 3D flying sites to explore
  • Game-like Challenges, including new Challenges featuring multi-rotor models
  • RealPhysics™ 3D, expanded to include multi-rotor flight
  • TrueView™ realistic lighting
  • Reset/Rewind on the InterLink Elite controller
  • Multiplayer and MultiMode
  • Onscreen camera controls
  • Heads-Up Display (HUD)
  • Water takeoffs and landings
  • Night flying
  • Welcome Screen
  • Real Rendering™
  • AccuModel aircraft editor with tabbed dialogues
  • FlexiField™ flying site editor
  • TruFlo™ Wind Dynamics
  • Blade stop autorotations
  • Unlimited combat with any weaponry
InterLink Elite Edition

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RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight Simulator

InterLink Elite Controller Edition

It's the state-of-the-art controller that has made RealFlight the #1 sim, with 8 channels for direct, no-setup access to all functions, the convenience of QuickSelect™ that eliminates the need for a mouse of keyboard, and a built-in interface for using your own R/C transmitter.

Tactic Tx-R Edition

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RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight Simulator

Tactic TTX610 Radio Edition

Features an actual Tactic TTX610 6-channel radio control transmitter for use with RF7.5, and that can also be used to fly any SLT receiver-equipped aircraft at the flying field. Plus, the transmitter interface is wireless, so you're not tethered to your PC.

Wireless SLT Transmitter Interface Edition

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RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight Simulator

Wireless SLT Transmitter Interface Edition

Plug the dongle into your computer's USB port and you'll instantly create an unbreakable link with your SLT transmitter. The fact that it's wireless means more freedom of movement for enjoying all of the features that RF7.5 has to offer.

Transmitter Interface Edition

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RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight Simulator

Transmitter Interface Edition

Fly with your favorite transmitter after you're connected to RF7.5 by way of the interface. A setup window helps you quickly configure RealFlight, and one of the sim's most popular features — the Reset/Rewind button — is incorporated right into the interface.

Upgrade to RF7.5

RealFlight RF7.5 R/C Flight Simulator

Software-only Upgrade to RealFlight RF7.5

Already own RealFlight? Bring your simulator up to RF7.5 specs with this easy upgrade. It works with any RealFlight version from G4 on up through RF6.5.

Upgrade from RealFlight G4 and above to RF7.

RealFlight Drone w/InterLink Elite

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RealFlight Drone w/InterLink Elite

Learn to maneuver your drone for impressive aerial photos. Develop FPV camera and gimbal control skills to find the best angles. Protect your drone and camera investments by mastering new skills risk free on your computer!

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