Blaze Hotliner Brushless EP RR

Super-easy to assemble – super-fun to fly!

Perform near-vertical launches, carefree climbs and more with the lightweight, receiver-ready Blaze Hotliner Brushless EP RR from ST Model! An outrunner brushless motor, brushless ESC and micro servos come installed. Super-easy assembly means you'll be executing high-g maneuvers in less than 20 minutes. Spans 61.5 in.
Wingspan: 61.5 in (1,562 mm) Wing Area: 326 in² (21 dm²) Wing Loading: 14 oz/ft² (43 g/dm²) RTF Weight: 31.7 oz (900 g) Length: 40 in (1,016 mm) Requirements: 4-channel radio, Receiver, 11.1V 1800mAh LiPo battery with SuperTigre connector, LiPo-compatible charger, 8 "AA" batteries
  • Easy to build – pilots can be airborne in less than 20 minutes.
  • Executes near-vertical launches – no throws necessary.
  • Outrunner brushless motor.
  • Brushless ESC with SuperTigre® battery connector.
  • Two molded plastic "plates" underneath the wing halves serve as a platform for squaring up the wing to the fuselage, simplifying assembly.
  • Lightweight, durable EPO wing halves slide together via a square carbon wing joiner.
  • PC connection (via USB port) allows users to keep track charge/discharge curves, voltage, temperature and amperage. Data can be suppressed or superimposed for comparison purposes.
  • Micro servos.
  • Plenty of carbon reinforcements make it ideal for extreme, high-G maneuvers.
  • 10x6 folding prop.
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