ST Model Acrobat 3D EP RR
ST Model Acrobat 3D EP RR

ST Model Acrobat 3D EP RR


Agility to spare!

Built for serious 3D performance, the Acrobat definitely lives up to the agility its name implies. Knife-edge loops, stable harriers, and waterfalls are all easily within this model’s abilities and its side force generators (SFG) make it more likely that they’re within the pilot’s capabilities too! The model includes a Brushless Outrunner motor, 50A ESC, and pre-installed servos just drop in your radio system and a LiPo battery and you’re ready to go!
Wingspan: 48.5 in (1,230 mm), Length: 52.5 in (1,333 mm), Weight: 50.8 oz (1.44 Kg), Requires: 4-5 channel radio system, 4S 14.8v 2200mAh LiPo battery, and “AA” batteries for the radio.
  • Fully 3D capable design
  • Removable side force generators
  • Extreme 4S brushless power
  • Easy glue free assembly
  • EPO foam construction
ST Model Acrobat 3D EP RR - Design
The Acrobat can do knife edge maneuvers, stable harriers, waterfalls and more with ease!

ST Model Acrobat 3D EP RR - Side Force Generators
Removable side force generators
ST Model Acrobat 3D EP RR - Brushless power
Powerful 4S-compatible brushless system