Tactic™ TTX650 6-Channel SLT Radio System
Tactic™ TTX650 6-Channel SLT Radio System

Tactic™ TTX650 6-Channel SLT Radio System


A top value in 2.4GHz technology!

SLT™ Secure Link Technology The TTX650 is a remarkable radio perfect for intermediate-level sport modelers. It has all the features needed to fly airplanes or helicopters including 20 model memory, easy push-button programming, and a large LCD screen. It also has Secure Link Technology™ which creates an unbreakable link between your transmitter and receiver.
Channels: 6, Frequencies: 2.4GHz, Modulation: Spread Spectrum, Requires: 2.4GHz Receiver and Servos
  • 20 model memory
  • Easy-to-use pushbutton programming
  • Dual rates
  • Digital trims with slow/fast adjustment
  • User-selectable switch assignments
  • Reversing, end point adjustment, sub-trim and exponential on all channels
  • Wireless trainer system compatible
  • Large, easy-to-read graphing LCD screen
  • Multiple timers
  • Futaba-compatible charge jack for optional NiCd/NiMH packs
  • Low-voltage alarm
  • Ball bearing gimbals
  • Adjustable stick lengths
  • Ergonomic case design
  • External antenna that rotates and folds for easy storage
  • 4 alkaline batteries included
Tactic™ TTX650 6-Channel SLT Radio System - large graphing LCD screen
The TTX650's easy-to-use pushbutton programming controls are intuitive and straightforward. Information is displayed on a large graphing LCD screen with adjustable contrast.
Tactic™ TTX650 6-Channel SLT Radio System - Function Switches
Pilots can assign functions to any of the switches. One momentary switch, two 3-position switches and four 2-position switches allow for total customization, for optimum flight control.
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