Tamiya Frog Kit

Another Tamiya blast from the past!

Introduced in '83, the Frog probably gave a lot of (now) 30-somethings their first taste of off-road speed and excitement. In fact, the Frog was probably the first "raceable" Tamiya buggy ever introduced. And now, Tamiya is ready to expose a whole new generation to the front with this uncannily accurate re-release. It's 1/10 scale and 2WD just like the original and the similarities don't stop there. Also included: the original's ABS ladder/space frame, horizontally mounted shocks (springs-only up front; oil in the back), ribbed front and pin-spike rear tires. The body and decals are the same, too, but there's good news there: nothing says you have to paint the lower body pink as it was on the box. The Frog is pure retro-off-road fun!
Length: 15.7 in, Width: 9 in, Height: 5.9 in, Requires: 2-channel radio w/2 servos, speed control, 6-cell flat pack and charger
  • ABS resin chassis
  • Two wheel rear drive
  • Mabuchi RS540SH stock motor with attached bullet connectors
  • Four 5x11 bearings in the gearbox and 5x11 plastic busings in the rear axle carriers and front wheels
  • Two rear horizontal mounted, aluminum body, oil-filled Shocks
  • Clear Lexan buggy type body with clear rear wing
  • 4 gear diff (pinion drives spur, spur drives drive gear, drive gear drives diff gear)
  • Plastic bevel gear type differential
  • Single speed transmission
  • Tamiya TEU-101BK forward and reverse ESC
  • 16 tooth, 18 tooth and 19 tooth included pinion gears
  • 1.4" front wheels, 1.6" rear wheels, realistic 3-piece, white in color
  • Ribbed racing front tires, high-grip rear spiked tires
  • Front plastic bumper
  • Inboard spring type front suspension
  • Non adjustable camber tie rods
  • Adjustable steering tie rods
  • Steering rods attach to servo saver and knuckle arms
  • Included servo saver
  • Re-designed dog bone style driveshafts with rubber boots
Mabuchi RS540SH stock motor with attached bullet connectors
The original 2WD buggy masterpiece featuring ABS resin space frame, horizontally mounted oil dampers, inboard spring type front suspension.
Includes re-designed side aluminum dampers inspired by TRF shock design.
Drive Train
Includes re-designed dog-bone style drive train with original rubber boots.
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