Tamiya Subaru BRAT 2WD Truck Kit

The BRAT is back — and ready to rock!

Designed by Subaru in the late 1970s from their earlier 4WD station wagon model, the BRAT (Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter) has the unique feature of jump seats welded to the truck bed. Tamiya now brings back this nostalgic model, on the same 2WD chassis as used for The Frog. The 4-wheel independent suspension stands up to tough off-road driving, with power supplied by a 540 motor. Two body shells are included: one made of plastic similar to the original BRAT and one made of a durable polycarbonate material. Requires a 2-channel radio with servo(s), 6-cell battery pack with standard Tamiya connector, charger and paint.
Vehicle: Length: 17.8 in (453mm) Width: 8.7 in (220mm) Height: 6.9 in (175mm) Weight: 4.1lbs (1840g) Body: Length: 16.5 in (420mm) Width: 7.1 in (180mm) Height: 4.3 in (109mm) Requires: Radio: 2-channel with one steering servo; Battery: 6 flat pack with standard connector; Charger: AC/DC timed or peak for 6-cell battery
  • ABS resin chassis space Black in color (production kit does not have chrome chassis)
  • Two wheel rear drive
  • Mabuchi RS540SH stock motor with attached bullet connectors
  • Horizontal Front Spring Damper, Rear Oil Damper Shocks
  • Two Bodies, one plastic similar to the original Tamiya Brat and one modern polycarbonate
  • Four gear diff gearbox (pinion drives spur, spur drives drive gear, drive gear drives diff gear) ball bearing equipped
  • Plastic bevel gear type differential
  • Single speed transmission
  • Tamiya TEU-104BK forward and reverse ESC
  • 16 tooth, 18 tooth and 19 tooth pinion gears
  • White wheels
  • Semi-pneumatic, deep treaded tires
  • Front plastic bumper
  • Four wheel independent suspension
  • Non adjustable camber tie rods
  • Adjustable steering tie rods:
  • Steering rods attach to servo saver and knuckle arms
  • Servo Saver
  • Re-designed driveshafts, dog bone style with rubber boots
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