Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank Kit

All the power of the legendary U.S. tank is at your fingertips!

Comandeer a U.S. M4 Sherman, reproduced as a 1/16 scale R/C tank complete with authentic sound! The model is electric – but you'll hear accurate engine starting, accelerating and idling noise, as well as the grinding of gears as its cannon turret rotates. Firing the cannon produces a lifelike flash and recoil. The M4 Sherman's smooth forward/reverse movement comes from a realistic suspension with independently moving wheels and durable resin/metal rod tracks. There's an "auxiliary" M2 machine gun, too – ready to take aim at up-close enemies!
Length: 14.8" (376mm) Width: 8.07" (205mm) Height: 7.20" (183mm) Weight: 7.5 lbs (3400g) (approx.) Requirements: 4 channel stick radio system with analog trim, 8 AA batteries, 6-cell flat with standard (Tamiya) connector, AC/DC Timed or Peak charger, Acrylic Paint, Building and track equipment
Jerry cans, ammunition boxes and K-ration cases are loaded on the rear as accessories.
Two 380 type motors with pre-installed connectors.
Pre-assembled lightweight resin. Metal shafts are used to connect track links for added durability.
The DMD Multi-Function Unit provides sound effects such as the Howitzer and machine gun fire, engine sounds and hull recoil action. Sound effects are faithfully reproduced by a large 2.5" (63mm) speaker.
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