Top Flite

Top Flite Gold Edition Douglas DC-3 Twin Kit

Gold Edition Douglas DC-3 Twin Kit

MAA-Legal 82.5” Wingspan

When the Douglas DC-3 debuted in 1935, it marked a milestone in commercial aviation. Suddenly, flying was popular and practical. Production ended just eleven years later, but the DC-3 lives on in this expertly engineered kit. If you’ve never built scale or flown a twin, it’s a great introduction!

  • Handles like an advanced sport plane, with large aileron, rudder and elevator surfaces for easier piloting.
  • Each engine functions independently–and is aligned to help keep the model controllable if one engine quits.
  • Includes decal markings for military C-47 version.
  • Easy-to-install, precision-formed ABS parts add such scale details as cockpit top, tail cone, engine nacelles and wing fairings.
  • Detailed manual explains how to install optional, customized semi-scale retracts (LXHZ00).
  • Can be built with split flaps and scale rudder for added authenticity.

Wingspan: 82.5 in (2095mm) Wing Area: 750 sq in (48.8 sq dm) Weight: 8-10 lb (3630-4540g) Wing Loading: 24.6-30.7 oz/sq ft (75-94 g/sq dm) Fuselage Length: 55.5 in (1410mm) Requires: 2-stroke .25-.40 cu in (4.0-6.5cc) O.S. .25 FX, .25 SF, .40 LA or .40 FP recommended; 4-stroke .40-.52 cu in (6.5-8.5cc) engine & 4-8 channel radio with 6-9 servos (2 micro)