Tower Hobbies TOWER Trainer 40 MkII ARF

Sturdy and steady, all-wood way to get airborne fast!

First-time pilots need and want what other pilots already have: success. Confidence plays a key role in achieving it — and that's why Tower Hobbies makes this bold guarantee: *You will successfully learn how to fly with a TOWER™ Trainer 40 MkII ARF or we will replace it with your choice of another trainer of up to equal value.
Now that's confidence. Tower Hobbies has it in their trainers — and here’s why.
All-wood airframes, extra-strong wing joiners and cast-metal engine mounts make them strong enough to outlast the learning process. The covering is new, a tough, repairable iron-on that holds stronger, stays tighter and looks better than any TOWER™ Trainer covering that ever was. It features a flat-bottom, high-wing design — a combination that provides maximum stability and lift, even at the low speeds pilots prefer. What’s more, it's designed for full, 4-channel control — a plus that allows you to build flight skills you’ll need to fly future planes as you learn to fly today.

*Pilot must train at an AMA-chartered club field, with a qualified, club-designated instructor. Offer valid when ARF is returned to Tower Hobbies within 60 days of purchase. Owner of ARF and club-designated instructor must sign statement attesting that all club-required safety and equipment guidelines were followed. Other restrictions may apply. Contact Tower Hobbies for more information.
Wingspan: 62 in (1550mm) Wing Area: 698 sq in (45 sq dm2 Weight: 5 lb (2268g) Wing Loading: 17 oz/sq ft (52g/dm2) Fuselage Length: 50.5 in (1285 mm) Requirements: 2-stroke .40-.46 engine, 4-channel radio w/4 servos, propeller, glow starter, glow fuel, field support equipment, epoxy and CA glue

Download Instruction Manual:PDF
  • Designed especially for the first-time flier who wants to get into the air FAST.
  • Flat-bottom wing for easy, stable flight characteristics.
  • Heavy-duty wing joiner for increased durability.
  • No covering required — major sections come precovered in a stunning red, blue and yellow trim scheme that's also fuelproof.
  • Large diameter wheels allow for easy takeoffs from grass or asphalt.
  • 4-channel radio operation allows for more realistic flight control.
  • Step-by-step photo-illustrated instruction manual.
Tower Hobbies TOWER Trainer 40 MkII ARF - Parts Layout
90% prebuilt, with an impressive multi-color trim scheme.

Tower Hobbies TOWER Trainer 40 MkII ARF - engine mount
Cast metal motor mount accepts a variety of engines.
Tower Hobbies TOWER Trainer 40 MkII ARF - landing gear
Tricycle landing gear provides good ground handling.
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