Tower Hobbies Uproar 40 Kit

The “budget-smart” way to burn holes in the sky

Tower Hobbies Uproar 40 Kit can deliver rocketing vertical climbs, loop and roll like there’s no tomorrow — and do it all for less than you thought possible. A balsa and ply airframe provides the lightness required for whipcrack response and the strength to withstand extreme moves. That agility starts with a thick, virtually symmetrical airfoil that supports wild stunts upright or inverted, and controls speed build-up during dives. Control surfaces are more than twice normal size, to enhance response speed and authority. Each aileron is powered by its own servo, to ensure enough muscle for monster moves. And Uproars don't require high-dollar high-torque or digital servos; they deliver outrageous performance with economical standard servos.
Wingspan: 48 in. (1219.2mm) Wing Area: 578 sq in. (14681.2mm) Weight: 3.5-4 lbs (1587-1814g) Fuselage Length: 42 in. (Typemm) Requires: 2-stroke .32-.40 or 4-stroke .40-.48 engine, 4-channel radio w/5 standard servos; Kit also requires 2+ rolls covering

Download Instruction Manual:PDF
  • Value-priced, over-the-top aerobatics!
  • Features sturdy, all-wood construction.
  • A fast, agile flier--upright or inverted!
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