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Tower Hobbies Deluxe Power Panel

Deluxe Power Panel

Channels power to all your electronics — and recharges your glow starter, too!

Tower Hobbies Deluxe Power Panel
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It’s the single-source, does-it-all accessory for your electronics that takes only minutes to install! At just 6” x 3.75”, it’s an easy fit for most field or pit boxes and a workhorse that handles power needs for everything in them. The charger port works with either NiCd or NiMH glow starter cells and recharges both at an easy, effective 300-400mA rate. In addition, the Deluxe Power Panel also provides: 12V power for starters and pumps: adjustable 1.5V pulsed power to glow plugs: a Fill/Empty switch for use with fuel pumps; and a meter for detecting engine problems and burned-out plugs. Includes 1 set of alligator clips and 2 sets of color-coded banana plugs. 1-year limited warranty.