TOWER Power Glow Fuel Quart
TOWER Power Glow Fuel Quart

TOWER Power Glow Fuel Quart

  • Two high-strength film additives to protect moving engine parts
  • An extreme-pressure additive to protect parts subject to extreme pounding and wear
  • A NASA-developed CP-07 lubricity additive that improves top end and longevity
  • Rust preventers
  • Wetting agents
  • Anti-foaming agents

Why quart fuels rule!

Say “Goodbye” to gallons. Instead, buy TOWER Power glow fuel in quarts! It's easy to see the advantages. In fact, it's a simple as E-C-P! And now, the TOWER Power fuel line includes nitro blends designed for boats and cars as well as helis and airplanes.

1. Economy

  When you buy in quarts, you save automatically. Why? Because you don’t have to pay the hazardous shipping surcharge on gallons. That’s pure savings. What’s more, buying a gallon commits you to buying at least four quarts of fuel — and if you have to buy in case quantities, the amount grows to 16 quarts. However, if you buy in quarts, you can buy as many as you want, or as little as a single quart. That means you tie up less of your hard-earned R/C budget in fuel — and that you have more money free to spend on other things.

2. Convenience

  A quart of fuel weights just a quarter of what a gallon does, and that means less to lug to and from the field. Plus, quarts are smaller than gallons so they’re a better fit for your pit/flight box and take up less space on your shelves at the end of the season. Of course, since you buy less to start with, there’s likely to be little — or no — fuel left to store anyway.

3. Performance

  When you buy in quarts, you buy more often, so your fuel supply stays fresher as a result. However, the real performance edge comes from the way that TOWER Power fuels are made. They’re made with top-quality ingredients and blended to some of the most stringent quality control standards in the industry — all to make sure your engine can get all the performance and protection it deserves.
Please Note: How to Order Fuel
Order like any other Tower Hobbies item. In all cases, fuel is shipped separately from other items, to areas served by ground UPS only (no Parcel Post or Federal Express shipments).
Quart Bottles
No hazardous shipping charge is applied—you save money!

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